Who am I?

My name is Nate Bowery, and I reside in Knoxville, TN! Collierville is were I come from. It is a suburb city of Memphis, home of the blues and some of the best BBQ ever. I am a recent graduate who thought I had everything planned out until I discovered my passion for photography. My recent move to Knoxville was made in hopes to further my career as a portrait and landscape photographer.

The interest in photography began relatively similar to how most people get into it, taking an awesome photo, or so I thought, on my phone. After many years and some stressful college semesters, I decided to invest in a camera, and see where it would take me. After a couple of years of doing nearly nothing but capturing landscapes, I began to gain interest in capturing the image and emotions of people. Today, my passion for landscape photography is bigger than ever, and capturing portraits is becoming more of a staple in my journey.

Explore | Capture | Inspire

Those three words can sum up what photography is all about for me. Exploring is fundamental to photography. Whether it exploring landscapes, waterfalls, or cities all the way to exploring new mediums like portraits, events, and sports, you can never succeed or grow without the explorer mindset.

Capturing those sites and moments you encounter is the next big step. Most of these moments are fleeting and can pass before you in the blink of an eye. Being able to capture them is the pinnacle of being a photographer.

The final tier of photography is the ability to inspire others through my work. Inspiring others to get out and explore on their own is important. My goal when capturing those fleeting moments is to evoke emotion that will inspire.


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Published Work

Are you considering publishing some of my landscapes and adventure works in a magazine, website, social media, or some form of advertising? Go HERE to see more info on my Stock Photos, or click HERE to take a look at my current published work.

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